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5-0 Monitoring Hand Controlled Pivot

Chapter 5

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Old 04-29-2006, 10:46 PM
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The Hand Controlled Pivot CE#29
Originally Posted by tgmgolfer2k2
Originally Posted by Yoda

let a careful Downstroke Pivot (On-Plane Right Shoulder / 10-13-D) deliver the Lag Pressure Loading (7-19) strongly down the Straight Line Delivery Path (of the Hands). [/b]

So what do you feel "moves" the power package here? It sounds like the body, but that can't be right because that would lead to a pivot controlled hands motion.

The Turning On Plane Right Shoulder (10-13-D) being itself pulled by the Hip Action (7-15) with its accompanying Hip Turn (7-14), if any, is responsible for Power Package Transport.

Just because you use your Pivot components properly doesn't mean you've all of a sudden got a Pivot-Controlled-Hands Procedure. Your Hands are still responsible for executing all the On Plane Geometry, and the Pivot Components must comply. In other words, they do their own work (9-1 and 7-12) as Power Package Transport, but they in no way interfere with the Hands in the process. And they definitely don't tell the Hands what to do.

Trust me: You don't Trace the Plane Line with your Pivot. You don't sustain Clubhead Lag with your Pivot. And you don't control the Clubface alignment with your Pivot. You perform these Three Imperatives with your Hands. That said, mastery of the Pivot is crucial to a good Golf Stroke. In fact, that is why two of the Three Essentials, the Stationary Head and Balance -- both in the realm of the Pivot -- are so important.

But the Pivot, left to its own ignorance, can with its mass and momentum definitely prevent the Hands from doing their assigned work. That is a Pivot-Controlled Stroke.

Not the G.O.L.F. Hands-Controlled procedure that I described in my post.

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