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Incompatible Components

Chapter 13

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Incompatible Components
Originally Posted by femoore

Tom was a G.S.E.D., studied with Homer Kelley, and had a great way of comminucating G.O.L.F.. He could teach Hitting, Swinging, and many specialty shots.

The Pattern that I remember as kind of his Base Pattern is:

Shoulder Turn--Rotated
Hip Turn--Standard

Thanks for your post, Feemoore. I enjoyed reading it.

One clarification:

The Rotated Shoulder Turn (10-13-C) does not permit the Axis Tilt (2-H, 7-14) -- the Spine Tilt -- required to produce the Weight Shifts of the Standard Hip Turn. Therefore, the components you have listed are Incompatible (13-0).

Also, unless the Waist Bend is exactly right, the Rotated Shoulder Turn's inability to produce Axis Tilt prevents an On Plane Right Shoulder in the Downstroke. Because of that significant limitation, its Downstroke is normally confined to the Shiftless Hip Turn (10-14-C) and its Low Power limitations.

You probably meant the 10-13-D Shoulder Turn. That was the one Homer taught Tommy.

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