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7-14 7-15 Hula Hula Here I Come to Save the Day

Chapter 7

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7-14 7-15 Hula Hula Here I Come to Save the Day
Originally Posted by tgmgolfer2k2

Almost every Tour player has:

- Hands higher at impact than they were at address
- Clubshaft on a steeper plane that at address

Therefore, there's really nothing wrong with this. I'm sure others here can tell you why for certain, and also tell you why it happens.

I'm not sure, so I'll let them handle the explaining.

I hear you, Robot Buddy R2D2!

Due to the Shoulder Turn Axis Tilt, i.e., the tilt of the Spine produced by the Hip Turn Component (7-14), the Left Shoulder is higher at Impact (per 7-8 ) than at Adjusted Address (8-3). This raising of the Left Shoulder also results in the higher Hands you have observed. Both the higher Shoulder and the higher Hands are almost always subconscious reactions that have never been subject to any conscious Geometric Programming. However, astute students of G.O.L.F. can avoid this compensated circumstance by positioning properly for the correct Shoulder-to-Ball distance at Impact Fix (8-2 and 7-8 ) per the precision address routine of 2-J-1.

The steeper Plane phenomenon occurs because, while the Clubshaft must start its journey on its own Angle of Inclination -- the Elbow Plane (10-6-A) -- it is not unusual for a player to use a totally different Inclined Plane during the Downstroke (and probably the Backstroke as well).

For example, the player may choose to begin the Stroke on the Elbow Plane and then use the Single Shift (10-7-B) to locate the Turned Shoulder Plane (10-6-B) at the Top (8-6). The player could then use the Double Shift (10-7-C) to return to the original Elbow Plane for Impact or alternatively, remain on the Turned Shoulder Plane. The first option would result in the same Plane at Impact as at Address. The second would be the steeper Plane you have observed.

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