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Pressure Point #1, Clubhead Lag, and Low Point
Originally Posted by Tanner

Master Yoda/Master Obiwan (Chuck)

In an attempt to get the club go down to lowpoint my focus turned from #3pp to #1pp and I was very successful feeling lag and driving the club down until both arms straight Would this be acceptable, sensing #1pp instead of #3pp Especially if you're a Swinger

Per 6-C-2-A, you may use any one or a combination of Pressure Points to sense Clubhead Acceleration Rate and Direction. So, for Clubhead Acceleration Control (6-C-0-3), you can use #1 either by itself or divide the task between it and the #3. Also, per 10-19-C, you can use #1 as an Accelerating Force (6-C-0-1) to support the Pull of Centrifugal Force (especially in Short Shots).

There are at least two reasons for your success with Pressure Point #1. First, it is enabling you to sense a truly Rhythmic (2-G) #3 Accumulator Roll through the Impact Interval. With the Flat Left Wrist in line with the Right Forearm (7-2-3), the #3 Accumulator can Close only as the Right Elbow straightens the Right Arm. It is this action that provides the basic Paddlewheel Motion for the Left Arm Flying Wedge (6-B-3-0-1) and for the Left Hand Motion per 4-D-0.

Second, the Right Arm and Elbow Action is the lengthening of the third side of the Triangle Assembly (6-A-1/#1/#2/#3). Thus, it is the key to the Triggering of the Release of the Power Package (7-20) and its drive of the Lever Assemblies toward Impact and through to Low Point (6-M-0).

As a Swinger, this straightening Right Arm and Elbow Action is Passive. Nevertheless, you are sensing all this activity through the #1 Pressure Point -- the pressure of the straightening Right Arm against the Left Thumb. As a result, you are enjoying the correct Clubhead Overtaking (6-F-0) and the correct On Plane Clubhead Line of Flight (2-N-0) through Low Point.

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