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Pressure Point #1

Chapter 6

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Pressure Point #1
Originally Posted by EdZ

Was it Trevino that taped his left thumb? I find that since making the change
from 'no gap' to 'gap' between the thumb/index finger of the left hand, that
my 'thumb print' is getting a hardy workout, perhaps I need more PP#1
pressure than I am used to?

Trevino puts the tape just beneath the thumb's second joint (the one
immediately beneath the thumbnail). Remember, Hitters with their Muscular Drive
of the Clubhead emphasize Hand
Motion (through the #1 Pressure Point -- where the heel of the Right Hand
presses against the Left Hand thumb). Swingers with their Centrifugal Force Throw
of the Clubhead emphasize Wrist Motion (through the #2
Pressure Point -- the last three fingers of the Left Hand). Study 4-D-0. My
'Hitting' practice gloves wear out at the thumb whereas my 'Swinging'
practice gloves wear out at the heel pad of the Hand.

I would strongly suggest experimenting with the #1 Pressure Point. Hitters
seeking to maintain the Bent Right Wrist through Impact should emphasize the
#1 Pressure Point to sustain the active Drive of the Left Arm. This will
minimize the tendency of the #3 Pressure Point to Flatten the Right Wrist
while not interfering with its function of Acceleration Control. When this
Feel has been mastered and the Flying Wedges can be maintained through
Impact, experiment with a 50-50 balance between #1 and #3. Ultimately, one
should be able to funnel the entire Right
Arm Drive against the #3 (Number Three)
Pressure Point without interfering with the Bent Right Wrist.

Such emphasis on the #1 Pressure Point would also have value for Swingers. At
our recent Pine Needles 'Secrets' Workshop, Peggy Kirk Bell related the story
of how Ben Hogan told her it was a 'must,' especially for those who tend to
'separate' the Hands at the Top.
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