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The Bent Right Wrist (4-A-2)

Chapter 4

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How Much Bend? CE#54
Originally Posted by MizunoJoe


How far past ball separation does your right wrist stay TOTALLY bent?

The Flat Left Wrist and Bent Right Wrist Alignments are established in Impact Fix (7-8 ). The amount of 'Flat' in the Left Wrist is an absolute -- there is only one Flat! -- otherwise the Wrist is Bent or Arched. However, the amount of Right Wrist Bend can vary. It is normally determined by (1) Ball Location -- the further back the less Bend and the further forward the more Bend -- and by (2) the Right Elbow Location of the Major Basic Stroke employed (10-3). However, at the player's option, any desired degree of Bend (between minimum and maximum) can be arbitrarily selected. That precise degree of Bend is then 'frozen' and held throughout the Stroke (to the end of the Follow-through per the discussion below).

In the classic Adjusted Address (8-3), the Fix Alignments are reversed -- the Left Wrist is Bent and the Right Wrist is Flat -- to gain certain advantages (7-9). However, once the Stroke gets underway, the Flat Left Wrist and Bent Right Wrist Alignments are re-established in Start Up (8-4) by the selected Loading Action (10-22) and then maintained to the end of The Follow-Through (8-11), the Both Arms Straight Position.

This includes the Impact Interval (8-10), during which the Flat Left Wrist executes the selected Hinge Action (7-10) by remaining Vertical to one of the Three Basic Planes. That is, either the Roll Feel of Horizontal Hinging; the No Roll Feel of Angled Hinging; or, the Reverse Roll Feel of Vertical Hinging.

In Short Shots, where The Follow-Through is also your Finish (8-12), you should be able to "look, Look LOOK " and verify that your Impact Fix Wrist Alignments have been maintained, i.e., the Left Wrist is still Flat and the Right Wrist is still Bent. In Full Shots, after the Follow-Through, the Left Arm folds and the Left Wrist remains Flat and Swivels Palm Up against the face of the Inclined Plane. Similarly, the Right Arm remains straight, the Right Wrist Swivels Palm Down against the Plane and Flattens. At the Precision Destination of The Finish (2-N-0), the Fix Alignments of both Wrists are then restored.

All this is the Geometry of Wrist Alignments during the Stroke, including Impact, Hinging and Swiveling.

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